Vicuna is an academic game engine, easy to learn, easy to start with and accomplish some great things.

Grab a copy of Vicuna 2013.02.

Download Here (~65 MB)

Here’s a few shots of the engine in action:

Vicuna 2012.11

Vicuna 2012.02

Basic Effects

Here’s the change log since the previous versions:

| 2012.12 (@r172) |

Added a custom exception handler to dump the exception in the log file.
Added alpha testing to shadow maps
Added an animation Fixed applying bone transforms
Added event system Added component system
Added physic to barrel in the room
Added pivot support to the exporter
Added some production scripts
Added the ability to see which render nodes are in the frustum view
Adds logger
Adds new D3D9 model loader
Adds render state block support Removes some D3D9 dependencies in GameApp 
Adds Unicode support to logger
Building new interior scene
Creates VCNAnim project
Defines UNICODE in Release for VCNTests
Delete big 3rd party installer
Fixed camera cross product using proper left hand system
Fixed compilation error
Fixed mesh bounding sphere computation 
Fixed point light bounding sphere computation 
Fixed shading modes (use F3 to toggle modes)
Fixed skinning homogeneous coordinate (was causing unwanted scaling) 
Fixes compilation
Fixes fullscreen mode
Fixes includes
Fixes node deallocation
Fixes scaling of physic static mesh Tries another physic simulation loop 
Fixes some leaks
Makes VCNTests use Unicode
Many NRVO optimizations
Many optimizations
Merged littexture shader and effect (only one remaining)
Merged terrain shader and effect
Minor tweaks
Moved solutions files to Build/
Moves 3rdparty MessageBox library to the 3rdparty/ folder
Optimized matrix GetRotation
Optimized particle core by 20X
Reduced the size of VCNNode from 260 bytes to 184 bytes
Refactor precompiled headers Adds a performance graph to track performance results through revisions
Refactored shader/effect code for simplification (no more D3D9 dependencies other than in VCND3D9)
Refactored the animation system a bit Changed the terrain static mesh
Refactored Vector classes
Refactored view normal matrix usage Optimized VCNRenderNode size from 272 bytes to 208 bytes
Refactors Awesomium handles
Removed ambiguous matrix * vector operator
Removed file prefix VCN
Removed SSAO effect
Removes an unneeded copy of the Awesomium rendering buffer (save ~5 FPS)
Removes some D3D9 dependencies in GameApp
Renames AnimatedNode to AnimationController
Renames shaders Adds support for mesh skins
Reversed matrix multiplication order (i.e MVP = M * V * P)
Reverted the PhysX simulation loop, was causing issue in FINAL
Separated the shadowing effect of the terrain to a second configurable pass.
Updated sun directional shadow map region
Updates AntTweakBar to version 1.14
Updates Awesomium to 1.6.4 Adds a simple test to call javascript Adds Awesomium C++ object handles

 | 2012.02 (@r100) |
 Major refactoring
 Integrates FMOD
 Adds Shadow mapping
 Adds support for .X importation
 Adds Basic integration of PhysX 3.2
 Adds 3dsmax documentation
 Adds a method (RandomVector3) to generate random vectors
 Adds basic support to set the initial window position
 Adds deallocation of nodes to node allocator
 Adds packaging tools
 Adds PhysX camera visual debugging support
 Adds PhysX dynamic sphere support
 Adds PhysX support to load a static mesh from a VCNMesh
 Adds static terrain support
 Adds support for dynamic bodies
 Adds support to create an physic actor from a node
 Adds support to load .x files as Vicuna models.
 Cleans up shaders
 Cleans up the exporter a bit
 Cleans up the HUD
 Cleans up the menus
 Cleans up the project settings
 Deletes unused files
 Enables PhysX Profiling in debug builds 
 Improves assertion dialog UI
 Extracts height from static terrain
 Fixes fullscreen mode
 Fixes node hierarchy transformation
 Fixes some .x vertex adjacencies errors
 Improves effects
 Improves SSAO (still bad when mixed with transparency)
 Improves Sun entity
 Moves PixProf.h to VCNRenderer module and overrides it in VCND3D9
 Optimize Awesomium rendering
 Reduces size of button in the assert dialog
 Refactors loading a mesh from a .x file.
 Refactors terrain effect
 Removes FMOD dependencies in GameApp
 Removes some unused sounds
 Renames precompiled headers
 Renames Terrain to ProceduralTerrain
 Replaces Game headers
 Replaces VCN D3D9 module headers
 Replaces VCNAudio headers
 Replaces VCNCore headers
 Replaces VCNFMOD headers
 Replaces VCNImporter headers
 Replaces VCNNodes headers
 Replaces VCNParticle module headers
 Replaces VCNPhysic module headers
 Replaces VCNPhysX module headers
 Replaces VCNRenderer module headers
 Replaces VCNResources module headers
 Replaces VCNTests module headers
 Replaces VCNUI module headers
 Replaces VCNUtils module headers
 Replaces VCNWindows module headers
 Updates sound configuration

Written on January 1, 2013